Wayback Bergen
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Wayback Bergen

Opening hours

 Monday-Friday. kl. 09-15

Eidsvågbakken 1

Eidsvåg Fabrikker




Roger Ellingsen


 91 91 23 17

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Wayback Bergen 2
Wayback Bergen 1



WayBack Bergen is centrally located in spacious facilities within Eidsvåg Fabrikker. Our user-driven center is surrounded by mountains, sea, and beautiful Western Norwegian nature. Inmates and parolees gain work experience through the kitchen, workshops, and coastal outdoor activities. Here, they encounter an inclusive environment. In addition to being a workplace, the center also serves as a social arena where everyone is equal.


This is a great meeting place for our members and includes offices, meeting rooms, computer rooms, a kitchen, lounge, and a large dining hall. The area offers hiking terrain and numerous opportunities for enjoying nature. We have our own boats right outside the window, and a fitness studio and yoga center nearby.


We offer a wide variety of leisure activities in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Members can choose from climbing, exercise, swimming, boating, and social events. We have offerings every single day.


As a WayBack member, you can visit us on a daily basis. Here, you can borrow a computer for necessary tasks, participate in lunch, dinner, and other events. We facilitate a lifestyle change, but it is essential that you are willing to take responsibility for your own development.


WayBack supports individuals in reclaiming their lives. A place to live, funds for basic needs, a network, and meaningful daily activities such as education and work are vital and fundamental areas for all people. Changing one’s life and starting anew is a long learning process.


At WayBack, you are seen as like-minded, you matter, and you are someone. This is a community of people where many have been through the same experiences. Our expertise lies in our ability to better understand how inmates and parolees feel and what it takes to succeed, more so than most.


Become a grass root donor today! You can become a grassroots donor in all Norsk Tipping’s channels or by sending SMS “Grasrotandelen 995391309” until 2020.