Wayback Tromsø
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Wayback Tromsø



Gro Lind Olsen

 Phone office 952 72 500
 Phone  451 19 570



Wayback Tromso

Visiting address

Haakon den gamles gate 5
9008 Tromsø


Opening hours

Monday and Tuesday 09-15
 Thursday and Friday  09-15


Eidvegen 530 a – 532 d
9100 Kvaløysletta



WayBack er en stiftelse som er etablert og driftes hovedsakselig av tidligere innsatte. Vi kan, bedre enn noen annen, nå frem til den enkelte innsatte og bidra til å gi dem håp.
I Tromsø har vi kontor midt i sentrum. Her tar vi imot medlemmer og holder alt av møtevirksomhet. Da våre lokaler er godt tilrettelagt inviterer vi ofte NAV, Friomsorgen og andre samarbeidspartnere til oss. Med store møterom og kjøkken er lunsjer og middager med medlemmer naturlig å holde her. WayBack sitt julebord holdes også i våre lokaler.


In 2016, WayBack bought a housing estate on Åsland, Kvaløya, a plot of 8 acres and 8 completed homes, plus a Brygge of approx. 300 sqm.



Åsland Bolig Prosjekt (transitional housing) is strongly linked to Probation and the prison in relation to § 16.1 and § 16.2 sentencing and release, community service. Since this is owned by the foundation, it will help meet members’ needs after serving time.
The first floor of the pier will be a multi-purpose building that everyone can use. There we are lucky enough to get permbolig for those who are ready for perm without having an address to take perm to. It must also be possible to hold courses and teaching, parties and pleasant gatherings over the dining table. Another office will also be created where all activity regarding Åsland will take place. Other organizations and foundations are welcome to make use of the building. On the second floor there will be 3 new apartments for members.


We depend on a broad network, good collaboration partners and great trust among those we will work for and together with. Should you wish to support our work, all contributions will contribute to being able to pass on the offer to those released from prison. We need a financial basis to be able to run our business. You can either contact us or use Department Tromsø’s account no.: 4750 25 60693


Collaboration partners

• Boligkontoret
• Stiftelsen Kommunale Boliger
• Fontenehuset Tromsø
• BAR (Barn av Rusmisbrukere)
• CRUX Huset oppfølgingssenter
• Tromsprodukt